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Controller Windows Application V1.21 (source + EXE). 

Built using VC++ 7 (Visual Studio .NET). Statically linked.


  • Added new 'Suspend Speeds' tab allowing configuration of fan speeds during power-saving modes. These speeds will be set before power-save mode (suspend, hibernate etc) is entered. On wake-up fan speeds will be restored to normal (either manual or automatic as configured).
  • Fixed a small bug with restoring window from the taskbar notification area (tray). Window is now placed in the foreground after selecting 'Restore' on the icon popup menu.
  • Added code to recreate the tray icon if explorer is restarted (after a crash for example). 425KB
Controller Windows Application V1.2 (source + EXE). 

Built using VC++ 7 (Visual Studio .NET). Statically linked.


  • COM port setting is now read from the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/FanController/COM Port). On startup if this value isn't set the default (as before) is COM2. If you want to use another COM port instead then edit the above registry value (stop the application before making the change).
  • The License terms have been changed to GPL. Essentially the same as before although clearly stated this time.
  • I've confirmed that the current version of the application is compatible with later versions of MBM (currently as there have been no changes to the shared memory interface to MBM since 404KB

PIC Firmware: 20%, 50%, 75% default fan speeds on startup (otherwise exactly the same as PICFW V1.0). 8KB
Controller Windows Application V1.1 (source + EXE). 

Built using VC++ 6. Static linked. 


  • Updated shared memory interface code for accessing Motherboard Monitor variables. Tested with MBM
  • Fixed GPF on exiting application. 333KB
Fan Controller Windows Application V1.0 (source + EXE).

Built using VC++ 6. Static linked, i.e. no DLLs are required to run this version. Unfortunately I haven't tested this build with the actual hardware, but it should work fine. There is a known GPF when exiting the application. This is fixed in V1.1. 326KB
Fan Controller Windows Application V1.0 (Source + EXE).

The application is written using MFC and should run on 98, Me, Win2k and XP. Use Visual C++ 6.0 or the Visual Studio .Net VC7 compiler.

Note this build requires MFC70.DLL and other DLLs installed as part of VS.NET.

Note that the app is hardwired to COM2 (yea, stupid I know), to change this you will need to modify fctrl.cpp:51 and recompile. 125KB
(Optional) PIC boot loader source code (free for personal use) originally from here but appears to have moved here or try this location).

The bootloader is invaluable. Once you have installed the controller board inside your PC case you don't want to have to open the case each time you need to change the firmware. Simply start the PIC downloader application, reset the controller and the new firmware is downloaded to the microcontroller. 509KB
Fan Controller Schematics (Orcad 9.1). 135KB
Fan Controller Firmware (source code). 

The code was built using the Hitech PICC compiler v7.86p3. You will also require a PIC programmer and programming tool. These are available from electronic hobby shops. I have also seen a few in kit form. Some good PIC related links can be found here. If you don't have the PICC compiler, the HEX file is included. 50KB
Data Sheets for components used. Contains the following data sheets:
  • PIC 16F877 microcontroller,
  • IRF510 MOSFET,
  • LM35 temperature sensor,
  • LM35 usage notes
  • MAX232 (same as DS232) RS232 level converter 2947KB