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This picture shows the controller board. I mounted the board underneath the harddrive rack facing downwards (this picture is upside down). The PIC micro controller is visible in the center of the board. The serial port connector is on the left with cables running along the side of the case out to the back of the case where it connects to the PC serial port. The messy wiring you see is for the sensors - I got a bit lazy towards the end and didn't use terminal blocks like I did for the fan connectors (which are on the right but not clearly visible).
A picture of the inside of the PC showing the controller board underneath the hard drives on the right. The serial port cables run from the right hand side of the case along the bottom and out on the left side. I tried to make the wiring a little neater with cable ties for ascetics as well as for improved air flow.
A close up view of one of the thermal sensors mounted on the bottom intake case fan. I've designated this sensor as the ambient temperature sensor.